We offer different classes of certificates to encrypt / sign emails and documents, or authenticate users to secure your online, intranet and business-to-business (B2B) transactions. See how it works here

  • Authenticate Active Directory for Secured Desktop Login
  • Other Products:
    Intranet SSL Certificates
    PKI Integration Services
  • Class ⇨ level of encription, security and assurance for signing and encryption products
  • Class 1
    Assurance: | Application: Individual
    For signing emails only
  • Class 2
    Assurance: ★ ★ ★ | Application: Individual, Enterprise | Secure
    For signing emails and documents with or without encryption
  • Class 3
    Assurance: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | Application: Individual, Enterprise | Highly Secure
    For signing emails and documents, active directory authentication, and application authentication (with or without encryption)

Our certificates conform to x.509 standard of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in Nepal. Digital signatures are considered legal binding as per the Electronic Transaction Act 2064. For detailed information on what Digital Certificates and Public Key Infrastructure are, please look at our Support page and follow applicable links. Our product prices depend upon your individual and enterprise needs. Please contact us for more information.

How It Works

How It Works Diagram

Application Authentication
Application Login, Sign Data, or Documents

Digital signature certificate helps authenticate users in your enterprise applications. For example, this solution can help ensure that the individual transferring funds electronically is the correct person authenticated to do so

Digitally Signed Emails
Digital Certificates to Sign and Encrypt Emails

Digital signature certificate allows ensuring that an email has been sent from a trusted source and encryption ensures that the message has not been altered en route. Also enrypted mail can be decrypted by designated receipient only

Digitally Signed Documents
Digital Certificates to Sign Documents

Digital signature certificate confirms the data integrity and source of a document. Digitally signed documents share the same legality as physically signed documents

SSL Certificates
Intranet SSL Certificates

SSL certificates for intranet applications such as PeopleSoft, Microsoft Access, SAP, etc., subdomains, or servers helps secure your information

Integration Services
PKI and Application Integration

We work closely with Office of Controller of Certificates (OCC). Our experienced team can support you with your Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and application integration project